Bucks are shedding

Danny Leigh

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My son shot what he thought was a big doe on 12/30 in Jasper County. Turned out to be an old buck with hardly any teeth and antlers already dropped.
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There's a 1.5 YO 6 point with half his rack missing that visits my neighbor's corn pile in Kennesaw. Heck he could have lost the other side over the last week too, he's usually with the big group of does and fawns every evening and I haven't seen any antlers in the group the last few days.

This weekend is either big buck or big doe weekend for me at deer camp and i'll be checking their heads very carefully before pulling the trigger.

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Thats a 3.5yr old Hancock Special... coolers are full of them every season... It has always been crazy down there with bucks dropping there horns early as long as I have hunted down there...and thats been a minute.
Yep. I saw a forkhorn 4 pt that had shed one side last weekend and got camera pics of two more that have shed one side. It's early for this to be happening. Around my parts shedding doesn't usually start until mid February. Must be the warm weather.