Bug Bit Again...New Smoker.

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All this discussion lately on MZs has gotten me interested again...

So I hunted up a really good deal and have found a Traditions Hawken Woodsman to go with my Traditions Buckskinner, and TC Omega. I am hoping it's as good as it looks, but time will tell.

I have a new load of PA conicals, and GP385S in stock and ready to go.

Found a guy with way too much loose Pyrodex and have 3# to play with. Caught Wally with #11 caps at 3 bucks per 100.

It's time to stink up the back yard, and begin teaching the grand boys the way it used to be done.

Gonna be fun. Stay tuned...


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Sounds good.

Might want to try some REAL black powder though. I was having some ignition problems until I switched.
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My Buckskinner works fine with Pyrodex, T7, or BP, and I am hoping that the Hawken will too...

I bought the Pyro for 15 a bottle, for the intended purpose of pure blastin' enjoyment.

Real BP is very scarce around here, and I just haven't quite made up my mind to order in a rest-of-life supply. Getting close, though.

When I go to the woods, the guns have BP in em...😉
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Like em fine, very similar to the old Ballet.

I've never put much powder behind em, or shot em past 50 yards, but they shoot good in my 1:20 Buckskinner Carbine.

Actually killed a deer with one (described in PA conical thread) and it did a fine job.

Gonna see how my upcoming Hawken likes em, soon as it gets here...
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Wish I could...but all I have is my phone (Droid) and I can't figure out how to post pics ..
All too big and no resize option. Maybe someone could help me figger it out?
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I think I figgered it out...
I put the .50 hole in it at 50 yds with my Buckskinner, Grandson did the rest with his Cricket..
excellent rifles. 80gr 2fg, 385gr hornady great plains are deadly accurate in mine. I cast my own 395gr lyman plains bullets now for elk season.

.018-.020" patch ,.490 round ball, 70gr 3fg or 80gr 2fg and she'll really be a lot of fun to shoot cheaply.