"Bug out" packs?


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Ain't got a bug out anything ain't going no where any body come down here should be right with Jesus
I think more people should focus on a "get home" bag than a "bug out" bag.

Not saying the bug out version doesn't have value but what's more likely to happen? That you'll need to run out into the woods, abandoning your home? Or that something happens where roads are blocked or unrest is happening to the point that you need a few supplies to get home?

I keep a "get home" bag in my truck. Has stuff for repair of my truck in it and stuff for me incase I gotta start walking home.

I've got a regular old bookbag but 2 people earlier mentioned Eblerstock and I've heard very good things about those too.
Watch Grey Bearded Green Berets BOB video on YouTube and start from there. Carrying 3-5 days of water means that many gallons and nothing about that is practical, what pack you use is small potatoes to what basics you cover. eBay has surplus military packs for cheap and they're American made
I ain't bugging out. I will stay and fight the enemy, be they foreign or domestic. I carry what I need everywhere I go anyway. Ammo, water, TP, first aid. Mystery Ranch version Camelback pack if you really want to know.