"Bug out" packs?


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Ain't got a bug out anything ain't going no where any body come down here should be right with Jesus
I think more people should focus on a "get home" bag than a "bug out" bag.

Not saying the bug out version doesn't have value but what's more likely to happen? That you'll need to run out into the woods, abandoning your home? Or that something happens where roads are blocked or unrest is happening to the point that you need a few supplies to get home?

I keep a "get home" bag in my truck. Has stuff for repair of my truck in it and stuff for me incase I gotta start walking home.

I've got a regular old bookbag but 2 people earlier mentioned Eblerstock and I've heard very good things about those too.
Watch Grey Bearded Green Berets BOB video on YouTube and start from there. Carrying 3-5 days of water means that many gallons and nothing about that is practical, what pack you use is small potatoes to what basics you cover. eBay has surplus military packs for cheap and they're American made
I ain't bugging out. I will stay and fight the enemy, be they foreign or domestic. I carry what I need everywhere I go anyway. Ammo, water, TP, first aid. Mystery Ranch version Camelback pack if you really want to know.


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I ain't bugging out. I live in an easily defensible narrow valley blocked by a big river at one end and a narrow mountain pass at the other. Everybody here for the most part is my clan/kin. I have food, several good springs, weapons, and the necessities of life.

I do have a big backpack that stays packed with a tent, sleeping bag, big water filter with a 3-gallon bag, cookstove kit with fuel and pots, tarp, sleeping pad, and various other necessities to live off of for several days. I always have a gun, a few knives, and a couple lighters on my person.

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I've got a "Get Home/Bug Out bag".

Mostly a get home bag, but added what I would need to get by as a somewhat short term Bug out bag. Basically a flee the immediate civilized paved area to safety in an undesirable location to most, a swamp. I already know my route(escape) and the swamp isn't that far off, and most aren't venturing into a swamp.

I'm not going into any details about all of it, you guys pretty well covered it.

What I would like to add is, it was about 5 years ago when I did this and while I was buying a bag, I thought, "wait a minute" what if my wife or my daughter got caught up in something and needed a get home bag? It was about a month or so before Christmas, so I bought 3 more bags, 2 for them and one for my son. I got the basic needs and wrapped them as empty bags and then the contents separately.

When they opened their Backpacks they looked at me like, "what's wrong with Dad buyin us these backpacks"? They seemed pretty disappointed actually. :bounce:

Then I said open your other stuff and I explained it to them. Once they gave it some thought they really appreciated it and even got very interested in filling it with more gear. I mainly had a good basic 3-5 day emergency pack, and the following year for Christmas again I expanded our gear and they were still excited about it. My wife and daughter keep there's in their vehicles, and mine and my son whom is usually with me almost all the time is kept in my truck.

It turned into an interesting Christmas gift to say the least and we had a good time with it.

Our Hope is we NEVER NEED it, but Appreciate the fact that we have it if we ever do.
As said a get home bag. If you need to bug out from where you live, you live in the wrong place. Surplus military alice pack or sea bag. I like a sea bag cuz it folds down small but could carry a bunch. Never leave home without hiking boots/shoes,gun,knife,lifestraw,fire starter,some paracord or similar. If you cant get home with that you aint gettin home.


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While I have some tactical type bags with Webbing etc. My favorite idea for a Bob is a “grey man” style that is ordinary and drab colored. On a similar note, a baseball bat/gear bag or similar works great for an AK or similar weapon where you do not want to stand out. While pelican boxes and tacti-cool packs are preferred in many instances, the blend in approach should be considered imho.