Building a bridge

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Had a washout on a trail going to a stand.

so called in the help to build a bridge.

Grandson’s uncle showed him how to use a cordless drill and he put in the screws. Turned out pretty good with his help.

I really look forward to him being able to go along on the hunt. He loves going to deer camp.



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I need one exactly like that on my place right now. I'll probably use your pics as reference!
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Rooster, I used 5 landscape timbers and 14 six foot fence boards. Will support an ATV sized vehicle with no issues. Went across it on the ATV with me on it plus a couple hundred extra lbs with no issues. Should last a few years.
Did our with 2 24’ and 2x10 decking. Worked well. Going on 12 years old this year.

You’re is looking sharp! Nice work.


...just joking, seriously.
We had to do about the same thing. One of our main woods roads culvert clogged up and the storms washed it out. Went just a few yards downstream Into the Woods and found an old Jeep crossing...



We had too long a span at the main road But a shorter stand at the jeep crossing
Couple of 12' 6by6s and a bunch of 5' 2 by6s will get our fourwheelers over.
The lumber place in... I think it’s outside Crawford, not too far from the high school, even loaned me the trailer to carry the lumber. Wasn’t TOO expensive, but it’s been a while.

“Don’t worry son. The OGL police all know it’s ours. And they know that the break lights don’t work. Just take your time, don’t speed. We’ll see you when you get back.”

I had looked at something like that, but with the price of pressure treated lumber :eek:, I explored a more cost effective option.
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We were fortunate that this little stream is dry most of the year so it wasn’t a big washout like you had 1eye. If it had been, it would have taken a serious construction effort like yours. A year ago before last winters rains, you could drive a pickup down that trail.
The best thing about the bridge build was both daughters and there husbands were there to help. Neither of their husbands are hunters (youngest one started last year in the club), but everyone is in the club this year. Hoping to get them both enjoying hunting. That’s the real bridge that‘s being built.


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Mighty fine help you got there! Building for the future.
Oh, and the bridge looks good too!


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Looks good!! I need to do the same thing on one of my creeks at the lease. Had to use my winch on my side by side the last few times.