Built a feeder


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I was thinking I could not use it at my place due to hogs and bears. But the workmanship looks outstanding.
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Two feet of the ground at a minimum. Where my place is it would be better 2 1/2 feet off the ground. I have plenty hogs and some bears, plenty pests in general.

I have always heard bucks adapt to troughs easier and more quickly than any other type of feeder, but I don’t know how you minimize the waste to other animals. Good luck.
Your first looks well built and will last. I especially like your base; as it looks like it would be tough for a boar or a bear to flip the feeder over.


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From an older guy who has made more than his share of mistakes- your roof design has two glaring problems:

1) it's going to act as a sail. It will catch wind and be prone to flipping.

2) the way you have the roof attached to the upright IS NOT STURDY. A decent breeze, and the leverage created by the long roof will peel the roof right off. You need to brace the roof. Better yet, a peaked roof with bracing will be even better.

I also would recommend you using some type of roofing material over the plywood. Even if it's marine grade it's going to suffer deterioration bc of rain, dew, and sun.

Good luck...I love the enthusiasm!