Bull slice question

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I was just wanting to find some new water to fish and thought about giving Bull Slice a try. How’s the bass fishing there? It’s like a hour drive from my house, i just wanna make sure it’s worth it before i go. Any info/tips will be appreciated. Thanks in advance


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There are bass in Bull Sluce. I prefer fishing below Morgan Falls for Bass and Striper. MF Ramp to Johnson Ferry is an easy and short float.
I caught a 5 lb largemouth immediately below Morgan Falls dam, from a float tube once. That was over 3 decades ago, but I imagine they are still in there. And a bunch of big fat bream in the backwater sloughs above the dam, as well as perch right above the dam. It's fun paddling a canoe in those sloughs (not sluice).

I wonder what the namesake falls were like, before that dam was built, if there really were falls there.


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The lake can get shallow and difficult to fish. I also prefer below the dam. The launch at the Park is nice. I haven't seen any gar but I bet they are there.