Burton bow

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I was up on Burton last weekend and managed to get a couple hours of trolling in on Sunday morning. I hooked two fish...the rainbow pictured below that found the net and the fish that pulled the hook and got away. The one pictured went 3.8 lbs at 22" long. The one that got away....well it must have been much bigger than this one...always is right :) It did rip drag off so I think it was bigger. I was trolling two pointer 78's at 21 and 25 feet deep about 100' behind the boat. Speed was about 2.8 mph. I caught the first one and circled back around and ended up hooking the second one in the same location...lesson learned...always return. I had a lean Spring with the lake trout, so maybe this is a sign of things to come...hope so.

Hope all have a wonderful and safe Independence Day celebration!


Nice! Hoping it will pick up in July and august. Been slow for me but lack of fishing is part of my problem this year. Maybe see you on the lake in a few weeks.
Thanks for the report, and pictures. I love hearing how things are trending up on Burton


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Nice one!
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Thanks guy's! Hope to get into a couple this weekend...it'll be rock'in and rolling out there with all the boats.

Everyone stay safe!
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Nice un!

Boy that is just a textbook perfect rainbow. Well put together fish.
Thanks Browniez! I'm not sure if it was a stocker...the fins were all perfect and color was pretty vibrant right out of the water. I actually enhanced the pic a little bit to bring out the stripe after it faded in the box.