Bye, boomer: the coming cull of workers over 50


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I'm a boomer and haven't been gainfully employed since 2006. Young folks are sure welcome to any jobs I could hold down. Getting rid of us dinosaurs was going on when I left the work force. Get your money right then retire and enjoy.


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Yep, I'm the last of the boom boom crew. Experienced workers have been getting rooted out for years. That cost of living raise they don't want to have to pay. Why nothing is done right anymore.
Even if they dont totally get rid of you, a lot of companies are seeing how well working from home is working out during the pandemic. So, there is no need for them to pay your transportation, gas, clothing, etc. So there is no reason for anual raises, cost of living adjusments. New world comming


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The people that sent the factories to China and tech jobs to India are now firing themselves because they are too expensive.
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The people that sent the factories to China and tech jobs to India are now firing themselves because they are too expensive.
Nope. The guys who did that are still living large but they still are kicking the rest of us to the curb. That's why I hope they all get the 'Ronas and die.


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This has been the norm for decades. My mother was suing the bank that obviously downsized all the old people. They drug it out for years and she ended up dying of cancer before she could get a settlement or court date. This was the mid 90's.

We also talked about this when I did my stint in retail back in the late 70s.
I got laid off when I was 55 was a meat manager for 30 years and a good meat cutter filled out job apps sometimes 10 a day never got a interview even filled out apps for fast food finally got a part time job with no benefits got laid off last year at 63 took my SS nobody will hire you . It stinks thank God my few years younger wife has a good job with good benefits ..


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Unfortunately nothing new, but certainly more prevalent in today's economy. Plan, save and prepare, job cuts are inevitable for those in the 55-65 range.
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Great, I'm 49 and this is not the news I want to be hearing. Y'all hush up because I'd rather be dumb and happy right now.
I retired almost 7 years ago at 50, just like the goal and planning.
Then, I had some major health problems and a few surgeries around 54. Only 4 years of bliss.
I'm working hard to keep appointments and get/stay in shape. My goal of retirement at 50 since I was around 17- 18 ALMOST paid off.

You can get it done on a decent nest egg and a little supplemental income. Good luck !!!😀
BOA did this years ago to my wife and several other holdovers from a large banking firm they acquired in Florida. She was let go for someone half her age for half the pay. Ironically enough, 2 years later that entire department was outsourced to India, blessing in disguise.

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At&t is bad about doing this. They are getting rid of those with a pension and good benefits. My wife was “surplused” 2 years ago, she aleast had her 30 years and was retirement eligible but at 51 she is evidently unhireable.
Thank God we are Not in a mountain of debt like some folks.


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Well, maybe I'm an idiot but my work life is very different. I got a new job 2 years ago at age 58. Working hard today and even got an increase in the middle of Corona while working at home. Plan to work at least to 67.

God granted me the skills and the willingness to use it and He takes care of my opportunities! So I'm simply grateful!