Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops

Who gets your $$$ and why??

  • Cabelas

    Votes: 22 55.0%
  • Bass Pro Shops

    Votes: 13 32.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 5 12.5%

  • Total voters
Other for me!

I send a little of my money to both. I shop around for the best prices. I figure what I save in sales tax at Cabelas pays for my shipping so it works out about the same.


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Bass Pro..

I voted Bass Pro. Ive have ordered from both but I spend more at Bass Pro because there is a store here..Pre fire it was the Bargain Barn..
It is a split for me. I usually shop more at Bass Pro because I get gift cards there for Christmas and birthday. I also like there fishing department more. A like to use Cabela's for clothing and footwear. But in the end it comes down to who has the best prices!


I voted "other".......

I know that Bass Pro and Cabela's have everything you can want, but I like to try and help the local, small business owner if I can.......

If he doesn't have it, then I'll turn to either Bass Pro or Cabela's.....
I buy more from Bass Pro because it's only 7 or 8 miles from home. I also buy a good bit from Cabela's, but only a couple of times each year.
For me, it is hands down Cabelas. They have higher quality items and better overall prices. It has been my experience that Bass Pro also has poor customer service. I wish we had a Cabelas here in Georgia!!


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Buy from both, but Cabelas sells way more stuff for crazy duckhunters like me. However, if the season keeps going the way it is going, they are going to have to sell me some ducks to shot to keep me as a customer :banginghe
Cabelas for me, they have high quality stuff, there shipping is very fast and the few times that I have had trouble with things there customer service was the best I have ever dealt with. My son and I visited one of there stores in Mn. when we drove him to college this year in Iowa and you have to see it to believe it, I thought Bass Pro had a lot of mounts but Cabelas is unbelievable. Definatly worth the trip if you ever get the chance.
Bass Pro Shops for me

Come on guys I have to vote for Bass Pro Shops, they pay me to work there. Can you believe they pay people to work there. I usually give them half the check back in fishing/hunting supplies every week. They are soon to have there 3rd store in Ga. coming soon to Macon, Ga. Fall 2005. They sponsor the NASCAR race in Atl. every Fall. They have a NASCAR team for 2005. Ask an NWTF member who supports them the most. Should I go on? There is no Cabelas in Ga. is there... :clap:


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Whomever has the best price on what I want.

Now that we have a Cabelas just over the state line in West Virginny...I may be buying more from them as I like to see what I'm buying if possible.