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Need some help, Adelphia cable just hit me again for another yearly cable TV increase. I need opinions on Dish or DirectTV, costwise and also service and support wise. I am paying 54.00 now just for basic service, NO premium channels at all. How does that compare with the dishes?
I think I pay 40 bucks or so for 150 channels which includes all the sports channels and a couple of movie channels on Dish Network. I have had it for 3 years and been extremely pleased with the service and quality.


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For $55 I have 6 HBO's, 4 cinemax, all my local channels, the outdoor channel, and the top 100 package...Im with Dish network....I love mine....I don't like directv as much....JMO though


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How many different TVs can you have hooked up to the sattelite? I know you need a box for each one, but is each a seperate fee?


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I got Direct tv last year when I got the Big Screen. The cable picture was terrible on it. The picture quality on sat is great! With Direct TV you pay an extra $5 per month for each additional receiver. I would recommend getting the receiver with TIVO cause TIVO is the greatest thing ever!
At any given time I can come home and have 20+ hours of hunting shows waiting for me to watch at MY Convience!

I use direct i switched from dish now we dont ever have any problems when a real bad storm comes it goes out for a few minutes dish always went out and the outdoors channel is only 1.99 a month extra i think we pay around 40.00 with everything except the movie channels like hbo and the rest.


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I have Direct TV and love it. Pay something like $45 and get the 6 HBO channels. I did not get Dish because they don't carry the NFL Sunday ticket which I just have to have.
Dish Network is awesome.

We switched from Directv to Dish since Directv wanted $399 for an HD reciever!!!

I got an HD reciever for the 53 inch in the den and one little box that runs two other TV's, and get this, you can watch different shows on different tv's from the one box! It uses infrared that goes through walls.

I get all of the outdoor shows on tv now!

Oh, and watching shows in HD is AMAZING!

I got the opposite problem

I had direct tv with a clear view of the sky,The 1% of the time that the signal was out,was every summer afternoon shower.Never failed from 5pm 'til 9:30pm we struggled once or twice a week.I recently switched to comcast and with hbo pay less than the same with dtv
Call them and tell them you are thinking about switching and see what they offer you. They may keep the price where it is now or lower. It's worth a shot if you like everything but the price.
I have Dish and it is great. I get the Outdoor Channel, OLN, and the Men's Channel(new channel that carries a lot of outdoor shows). You pay $49.99 to get it activated and they give it back to you on your first months bill. They have receivers now that will operate 2 tvs with only one box. It is much cheaper than cable.

Buford Dog, I can give you a gift card that allows you to get it up to 4 rooms hooked up for free and they will still give you the $49.99 on your first bill. I have plenty of these if anyone wants one. Just shoot me a PM.
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I have had both, they are priced to high for what you get. I am now thinking of just going "free to air" sattelite tv. do a searce for it on the net. You can get thousands of channels free, legally, with a free to air reciever and a couple of those small dishes. Pansat and fortec make the receivers.


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I may get DirectTV here soon, but I can not bring myself to get Dish. I can not stand them from a technical,engineering, industry reason. Having worked closely with them on several projects I feel much the same way about them as I do Sony, it is a personal thing from industry developed relationships.

I currently have Bellsouth for my cable, and they have no intentions nor plans on providing any HDTV service at all in the foreseeable future.


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I had dish network installed a few months back. I have 4 receivers with 1 being the HDtv where you can rewind live tv and record up to 100 hours. I have the 120 package & added the outdoor channel for 1.99. It cost $61 a month. Each extra receiver is $5 a month. So far no problems. My brother in law has Direct tv and he likes it also.