Cade Mays wins appeal


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Best 5-5 O-line in the country.

Hopefully the SEC has a sack and will not approve.
I do to. That’s why I’ve been watching Pop Warner in my local area. Football has been in my life since I was a boy. But there ain’t a snake balls chance in Haiti I’ll watch a college football or Proffesional sporting event ever again. To support them is equal to you being a trader to this country!

So Im a Marine who served my country and a traitor? makes me sound like a Bond villain 😂😂
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😂😂😂 sure your not a double agent in the GON forum??? It sounds like you typed that with a black&mild dangling from your lips...😂😂
Y’all make it to easy sometimes....😂😂....
You sound like a racist. I guess according to you only white red necks are members here. BLM is the new klan with a tan! This forum is for every ethnicity!