Caliber for deer hunting

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I have never hunted deer. But, my brother called me about deer that have eaten his entire garden this summer. He has asked me to come and rid his property of one or a few. The only caliber rifle that I have is a .223 (Mini-14.)

The question is, can one actually use this caliber (soft tip or hollow point) to take deer.
I use a 223 when shooting on crop permits it might just be me but it seems like it hits harder out past 75 to 100 yards any closer and seems like it goes through so fast they always run and hardly ever a good blood trail , 100 yards if they run it’s usually not far and great blood trail
55 gr Hornady GMX in 5.56 was the only thing I could get to group in my Mini 14. I think mine had a 1:9 twist which means it doesn't like bullets over 55 grain, that's what I found.
I killed Hogs and Yotes with that set up, no deer though.
I believe yours is a 5.56, but .223 will work.