camo wrap on new cameras

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I got 2 new infra reds for Christmas. These came from Sportsman's Guide. They are under the name Bresser now but I have bought the same camera under the Scoutguard and Covert brand...I still have a couple of each. SG had them for Less than $55. Scout Guard and Covert have gone away from this style. All are made in China and I guess Bresser picked up the design. I had some Mossy Oak vinyl scraps left over from wrapping my golf cart and I have done a number of my cameras. Before and after picture.



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Only two reviews for the cameras on Sportsmans Guide and both were one star out of five. Hope you have better luck with them. Let us know how they hold up for you. Always interested to find decent cams on the cheap. Preferably ones that last longer than one season.