Camp burned in Hancock County

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Any of you have some of your camp burn on Lake Sinclair Drive between Carr's Station and Island Creek Drive recently. As I went by there this morning there was a burned camper that i don't remember seeing burned when the other part burned, but I could be mistaken. This camper was back and to the right of the other structures that burned earlier. Also, the old house across from Ansley's that has been used as a flea market burned last night. I hope there isn't an arsonist in the area.


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Nothing burned yet but the amount of stuff stolen from our club has been pretty incredible over the years.

Hard to believe with all of the nice folks that inhabit the area.
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We had a break-in at our place a few years ago. Got lucky and caught one of them shortly after. Recovered about 1/3 of our stuff.


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There You Go..

I hear about "clubs" that dues cover the whole year then, turn right around and complain about a retired guy or couple "camping out year round".

Not saying the OP's club does BUT having a year round "camper" comes in handy.

Hope the bad guys get caught and prosecuted to the MAX for arson and/or stealing.
Not likely in Sparta. They really don’t care about theft or arson and most time trespassing. Think they are there for looks


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Just left Eastlake Sat. and saw the camp and building burned. I had a

Grizzley ATV stolen from our place in Oct.2018. I have been going to that

part of the lake for over 30 yrs. and never had anything stolen until now.

Also, I see more crack head vehicles rolling through. Sparta folks!!!
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There were some folks living just off Island Creek Drive on Anthemis for a while that were involved in my break in 3 years ago. We hadn't been up in a couple of months until last week but a neighbor that is a full-time resident said they were back for a while in Nov. and Dec. Broke in a few places, trashed where they were staying and have now left again.
They may lock them up in Hancock co but they are usually released by Election Day for obvious reason. Never seen anything like it.
I was actually the one that called the FD when the first camper burned. I have a place on the lake and was on the way home that day. The next door neighbor to the camper happen to pull up at the time and thought that there had been some squatters there/in the area that they thought had possibly caused it. I think the second camper burned at a later date. There is a family/group of people living in a camper just off of Oconee Dr... scares me each time I go down thinking they will possibly break into my place as its close by. You can clearly tell they are on hard times and I've seen the electric meter base pulled a couple of times so far. Problem is each time I go by they are there day/night so doesn't appear they are working...


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We've been on the same property off Hunts Chapel since 1989 and have not had a SINGLE issue from the "locals". Every theft or break-in over the last 30 years has been by white transplants living around Sinclair