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A couple of months ago I bought one of the old Katrina campers from a friend. The camper is already at our deer camp and that's where I anticipate it will stay. He had the title from the original seller but never titled it in his name. We did a bill of sale but since he didn't have the title transferred to him (says he didn't want to pay taxes etc) I can't get it titled in my name unless he gets it titled in his. He has since retired and moved out of state so my question is this a big deal? I didn't pay a lot for it and it won't be on the open road unless someone buys it from me on down the line it's just a deer camp camper. I do have the original title and bill of sale.


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Do you think you might sell it to someone that will move it? if so, get the title in your name. If not, then who cares what the title says.

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^^^^^ x2

I have a 4 slide, 40' fifth wheel at my club. It has a title and I gladly paid the taxes on it and continue to pay every year. HOWEVER, We prob have a dozen old campers at our club and seriously doubt they have valid titles. Several have changed hands over the years with cash and no paperwork.

Just keep it there and if you upgrade or leave, sell it to the next guy.
If he didn't sign the back and only the original seller did no need for him. I just retitled a HD motorcycle and a jeep cherokee. No bill of sale...only the sellers signature on the back of the title.