Canadian Skinner File Knife

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This knife is a full blooded litter mate to Nicodemus' knife I posted a couple of weeks ago. I made this Canadian Skinner from the left over portion of the Disston metal file previously used for the little stag knife. This was a pretty big and long file but there was about an eighth inch left over after all the work was done. I left the serrations on the tang end of the knife, which left an interesting pattern on the handle when finished. This file took a heat treat and temper very well again and the resulting blade is shaving sharp. This handle is exhibition grade desert ironwood, giving a nice contrast to the file. I'm getting good reviews from folks out in the field on this skinner design and will continue to offer this style in stainless and carbon steel in the future. Thanks for looking folks...
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That’s nice!
I dont know. I might be afraid of getting it dirty.

Man that wood is beautiful!

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Very nice! The blade shape and handle curve with finger hold is perfect for how I cut up stuff. Seems like the back of the handle is always restricting my cuts. Please PM me for price and payment options!


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Let’s keep all inquiries of a commercial nature to PMs.

Beautiful knife sir, someone is going to be happy.