Canton, Ga

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I gotta run down/over to Canton Tues evening to pick up some fish baskets. I use to go through Gainesville out Browns Bridge and pick up Hwy 20 out there somewhere years ago when I was building a job in Trion, Ga. Is there a better way coming into Gainesville from the North to get on Hwy 20 ? Or another way to Canton for that matter ?


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I think you have the best shot
For you that is probably better than coming down 400 and taking highway 20 or coming down 575…


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Do you have the Waze app ?


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I take scenic routes from the canton area to the sticks. I use 53 and hwy20 to cut over to the east sticks from 575
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Download the Waze app and put the address in.
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Thank all yall for responding. I am making the trip this afternoon. Maybe I will get them wet in the next few days. 7 baskets will be a chore ! But then again, I should be able to set em...check em...and pull em out and not leave em in there more than 1 checkin !