Carcano caliber conversion project

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Over a year ago I bought one of the Carcanos that have flooded the market. It’s sat in the safe the whole time until recently. I don’t roll my own and decided that the 6.5x52 is just to costly and unavailable.

After some research I have decided that 7.62x39 made the most sense from an ease of the project and I have plenty of it. The end goal is a carbine size truck gun. Going to follow another persons similar project and use a virgin sks barrel. Just received it Friday, now just waiting for some free time.
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I’m pretty excited to get started. Going to try to shoot for some this week. First step is going to be cutting the original barrel of at about 1.5” or so. Then drilling that barrel out till it’s 11/16”. Then turning around and tapping it to 3/4-16. The barrel will get threaded to that also. I will post some pictures along.
Rebarreling projects fascinate me. I am curious... Are any modifications to the feed ramp or magazine required? Looking forward to seeing the finished result.
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It loads from the top in an en bloc clip and the 7.62x39 is close enough in size to work in the clip. It’s a good bit shorter of a cartridge tho, so it will definitely have to have a spacer of some sort pinned up front to keep the rounds from dropping down before they get to the feed ramp while loading.