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Hello folks. I am the owner of a 23-acre wooded property located 25 minutes South of Douglasville, or 16 minutes Northwest of Newnan. My property is like a deer highway - check out the trailcam photos.

I had the trails on the property bush hogged in early August 2021, opening up some nice sight lines. I plan on harvesting one deer this season but otherwise I'm open to reducing my holding costs for the land by leasing hunting rights to another couple of hunters. We would agree on hunting dates so we aren't out there at the same time.

Fee structure:

  • The leasing hunters would be responsible for purchasing hunting liability insurance and naming me, the landowner, as an additional insured (AHLA offers such policies for $215:
  • Lease fee of $250 per leasing hunter.


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And that should be the last of the photos. Please note that use of my hunting blind is not included in the hunting lease.


Would appreciate your advice on land in the area that's worth owning. Would like to get me about 50 acres but don't want to end up next to something that's going to turn into a McMansion suburban the next year.
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Hello all. I have signed a hunting lease for the current deer season. Therefore, my property is unavailable until next year. To everyone who reached out to me about my property, thank you for your interest. I wish you the best of luck.
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