Carters Lake – Tue Jan 6, 2015.

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With the cold weather on the way for our area tomorrow, it looked like today was the day to go fishing. I was worried that the full moon and the approaching weather might jack up the bite but when your day off calls…you gotta go fish for a bit.

I had a dozen medium trout from “The Dugout” ready to go in the tank when I hit the water at 7AM.

Due to the wind kicking up around 11, I only fished 2 areas today. Both had Striper that were willing to eat so that made my day. 2 Stripers to the boat…one 10 and one 12lbs….and a nice Spot.
Everyone swam away healthy.

I had a couple of break offs today which has me considering going to 20lb main line. :whip:facepalm:

Water temp was about 50 degrees.
It was stained water near the island running up river…lots of BIG debris too.

Not a bad way to start 2015.
Cheers and good luck out there.



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awesome trip congrats! I wish I could have a striper in the boat 3 trips 1 decent sized one fall off and 2 big ones fall off.... Maybe friday night or saturday morning will bring a striper into the boat. What size trout were you using?

Arnie Davis

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Nice catching Steve :cool:
You should be fine with some heavier line especially when using those larger trout along with a little stain in the water.
Very nice way to kick off 2015. Congrats Steve.:cheers: Your striper fishing skills are getting better and better.

IMO, I don't think you should be breaking off 17lb leaders unless you've got crappie line, a cheap reel, drag not set right, a rod too stiff or all of the above as in this video. I'm sure you remember this classic break-off Steve. I had a cheap Sunline 12lb leader, cheap reel and a stiff rod for using 12lb test leaders.facepalm:

Bumping up to 20 is fine for big baits in muddy water, but when the water clears (if it does) most folks are going to be sizing down to 12 and 15lb leaders.
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Great job Steve. So glad to see some stripers from Carters.
I 100% agree with scout n stripes, looks like u can go to any lake now and boat fish. It would be hard for me to move to 20 on carters. 15 and less for me.
Good looking fish.

Robert Eidson

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Good to see you yesterday Steve. Awesome job on finding them yesterday . Your day was alot better then mine..
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Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

Robert, man I'm still mad about my texts to you not going through. Words can not express how crappy Tmobile cell service is up in the mountains. I was halfway home when the texts were finally sent.

I had all new 15 lb Segaur flouro tied on yesterday along with mostly fresh 15 lb big game mono mainline....never had a issue before...might have just been a fluke of mistake on my part...??? But it is a bummer to loose drag peelers after they are hooked good and within site of the boat!! :confused: