Carters Lake 4 Dec 2013 Float_N_Fly

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I had the good fortune of winning a contest by WFN (World Fishing Network) with the prize of a guided trip anywhere in the immediate Georgia Alabama or Tennessee area. I chose Louie of Carter's Guide Service because I had read so much on GON of his knack for locating big Spotted bass. He didn't disappoint.

My friend Joe and I met Louie at the ramp around 7 am and off we went. I was afraid the weather was going to put the hurt on us but it never did rain. It was near perfect all day.

Louie told me we would be using the Float_n_Fly technique with maybe a jig and shakey head thrown in the mix. Neither Joe nor I had ever fished this technique and to add some spice, Joe had virtually no experience throwing a spinning rig.

A few quick lessons by Louie on the nuances of throwing a 10 ft leader and we cruised to our first stop, a bluff wall. Not long and I hooked up with the first fish of the day. A 3lb + spot in the picture below. I caught 2 more and a 10-12lb carp that put me through a 5 minute plus fight before landing it.

Joe then hooked up with the catch of the day when his float plunged under. The video of his catch is below. It weighed in at 4.5 lbs on the grip. Louie's lesson paid off with a pretty good deal for a float_n_fly beginner.

The afternoon weather was so good the fish decided to take the rest of the day off. We worked hard hitting a bunch of spots and missed a few of the ones that did bite in the afternoon. We had a great time and ended up with 8 in the boat.

Louie did a great job, as expected. Both of us look forward to getting into the big spots again in the near future.



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Tim thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure meeting you and Joe. You guys did great and thanks for choosing CLGS and hiring my services. I look forward to next time.

here's the picture of the over-grown Goldfish.


Looks like an awesome trip. If you guys don't mind me asking, are ya'll using 6 lb test on the leader or something smaller. Just wondering what the setup for the float-n-Fly is?


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i just texted him yesterday about a fnf trip. weird! I purchased a fnf kit years ago from Kristie and natures tackle box and have never used it

tons of fnf videos on youtube and some really good ones from tmike
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Did the carp take the fly?
Yep. We had seen a carp jump close by just a few minutes earlier. Louie commented that carp also love the fly and we were likely to catch one. The very next fish was the carp. The picture doesn't do it justice in how thick it was.
Congratulations on winning the fishing trip! Looks like an awesome day of fishing! Carters has some great spots for sure!!


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I will be heading to Carters for FnF during the week for the next 2 months, if anyone wants to go let me know. I usually have an open seat during the week.

Cletus T.

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Very picked the right person and the right lake with that trip!!!!

LB can flat put you on them.....such a pretty spot too!