Carters Lake Spotted Bass, Striper, sonar shots (pic hvy)

Louie B

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Sorry for the lack of reports here on GON the past few months. I'm reporting regularly on my Facebook page but not spending much time online lately but I do value all the support from GON members so I'll try to do better :)

Fishing has been consistent, good-not-great and definitely not bad. I'd say the Striper bite has been slowest overall, I've caught some big Striper this Winter but it's been very inconsistent, sometimes going days without seeing Striper. Spotted Bass have been from points to creek channel swings and ditches. Spotsticker Jigheads and Underspins, Drop Shots, and football jigs have been my best baits fished from shallow to 60ft deep. Some of the suspended schools of fish are showing up good on my Humminbird 1199 but they will not stay under you long, I've had best luck dropping a drop shot with 8-10 inch leader tipped with a Big Bite Jointed Jerk Minnow rather than a spoon or blade bait. The flashy blade baits seem to much most days.

Also want to invite you guys to come see me at Academy Sports in Dalton on February 14th. I'll be there from 11am-5pm for a meet/greet and will also have a few giveaways too.

Here's a few recent pics. Good luck out there. LB


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Thanks for the report I hope I can make it to academy on the 14th.
Have you been striper fishing in the river or in the main lake?


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That's some nice fish. I do have to say, I must be cursed. Every time something like this comes up with one of the guys on here I'd like to meet its on weekends I'm stuck working. It's a conspiracy I tell you, lol.


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Those are some pigs!
Both striper & spots!
Congrats my friend!
I finally got to see your show on Outdoor channel, Awesome!


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Those are some nice fish and screen shots Louie!:cheers:

Cletus T.

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Welcome back LB, while we do miss you here I understand that you are busy and doing reports on other social media sites……don’t forget about the little people on GON….like me! (J/K)

Great report and awesome pictures. I always love your pictures of those awesome fish that swim in that awesome lake knows as Carters!!!!

Thanks for sharing it with us!