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Save a pod from that tree after they dry. There will be enough "seed" to start you a small grove and they are easy to start.

Every old homestead in the lower South always had a couple of "catawber" trees, a fig tree, a Kieffer pear tree, couple of peach trees, and a muscadine vine. When I got my own place, I planted all the above on it.
I hear that the worms are great fish bait.
A Ga neighbor of mine has a half dozen trees in his yard just for the bait.
His wife says he pays more attention to those trees than her.
I have known this type tree shown in your photo above as a "CATALPA TREE" ever since I was only 4-5 years old and I still have several on the property up in the country and they are identical to your above photo. In fact, I had my hands on one of them just this past Saturday afternoon.

As for me, I will continue to call them CATALPA TREES AND CATALPA WORMS AS SUCH.

By the way, Moby Dick just sent me an email and stated that those trees in Georgia were also named "CATALPA TREES" EVEN REALLY WAY BACK WHEN HE WAS A MINNOW TOO !!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::pop:
They use a lot of the trees for fence post out west ....ever noticed a straight fence post in a western .... crooked but rot resistance...
I've split and tried them for posts and rails. They are ok, but sure aren't nearly as rot resistant as black locust or cedar.
How’d that black locust split?
Pretty good if it isn't a crooked, knotty piece. I've split literally thousands of locust stakes and rails over the years.
We Daughter and her family had been to a wilderness area South of Mustang, Ok ... It was there I saw my first catalpa tree higher than about 30' (I had several that tall until I cut them). These were tall trees between 80' & 100' tall .....I ask the ranger about them and he said they were catapla....they were growing on a small river that ran into the Canadian river.

We later stopped with a farmer about 5 miles away ...I always seek local folks when visiting an area .... I noticed that his fence post had the same bark as our local catapla trees ... he confirmed they were cut off his property near a branch .... Probably a 300 acres pasture fences with barb wire and catalpa post and they were crooked with maybe one out every 50 that were straight ...

Some those tall trees were 30" diameter . .... I am pretty sure they were not of the variety of catalpa as we have down here in S. GA.....

Oklahoma is pretty far West for a GA farm boy.....