Caught this Blue Catfish at Lake Allatoona on 12/11/2015


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I was out fishing with Fred Duncan of Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides and reeled in this monster!

Light spinning tackle with 15 lb mono and cut bait on a circle hook.

Our best guess on the weight was 55-60 lbs. What do you think?

BTW... this catfish was SUCCESSFULLY RELEASED back to Allatoona after these photos were taken.


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For sure 50 to 60..A catch of a life time in my opinion.

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Id say he would bust 50 for sure.

Great fish, especially in Ga.


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What a Pig, I did not even know there were Blue Cats in Toona!

Captain Fred has a knack for putting folks onto big fish :)


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I see a lot of pics of big 50+lb blues but I'd have to say that's about the healthiest looking big blue I've ever seen. Not a scratch on her and just fat n sassy.


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Your estimate of 55-60 seems reasonable. It's a LOT bigger than the 32 pound blue I caught several years ago (NOT at Allatoona).
Beautiful fish, by the way -- congratulations!


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Wow .....what a pig !!!

Congrats on landing that !