Cell Cam with no Watermark / Logo

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I am looking for a cell cam that puts no watermark / logo on the images. I need one without the logo, next priorities are reliability, image quality, and battery life. I will be using them for wildlife as well as monitoring a construction project. If available, I would like one with 6 months battery life taking one picture per hour (during day light hours).

Any recomendations?
All the cell cams I've seen that's out all have the logo at the bottom. As far as reliability and battery life my two Covert wireless cameras have worked very well. My newest LTE model is working on almost four months on still 100% battery
To find a trail camera such as what you are looking for would probably be near impossible. I think that would be similar to taken off every LOGO design on every type of vehicle such as Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, etc and then trying to advertise them on television or also put them on a sales lot for sale.

For me, I don't mind at all that the logo shown on EVERY ONE of my (over 1,000,000) trail cameras photos have the Wildgame Innovations Logo proudly displayed. I have posted tons of them on this website as such BUT I am not really into making "master prints" for sale or anything like that. I am fortunate that I have a fantastic library of sorts of many years of my trail camera photos that I can easily go back and look at and compare a certain deer from year to year as such also. That is the benefit of external hard-drives.

Maybe, you have a totally different reason for your needs though. I wish you luck in achieving your goal.