Challenge Results ! Winners !


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Team 4 is this years winners!

Team 4________bird 1____bird 2

Goblr77____5 1st W___5 1st W
Stick______5 1st W___5 3rd w
Fatback___5 4th w
Total score - 25

2nd place

Team 3________bird 1____bird 2

Sea Trout___5 1st w___5 7th W
Antharper__5 4th w
Yeti 2008____YW_5____5 1st w
Total score__25

7 players killed 2 birds.
5 players killed 1 bird.

Big bird was BkW from team 5
Long beard also was BkW
Long spur was none other than Seatrout.
We had our 1 st father son players both got 2 birds. Yeti is the real hunter in the family ! Yeti also was our 1st youth hunter.
All in all was a fun season. Hard hunting but fun.

Winners please send me your address for when I order the hats.

Y’all feel free to comment!


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Already looking forwards to next year. Had a good time keeping up with my teams season also.