Chapter 8- My Biggest Buck- Video

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Hey guys,

Just finished up the sequel to my last year's hunting trip that I had in Virginia. In this video, I was blessed to harvest two great bucks. One of the bucks, is my largest one to date. I am super excited to share this with all of you. If you don't mind, go check it out and leave a comment.

Thank you & God Bless



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Videos like yours are a much more accurate portrayal of real hunting. You did a great job with your editing in leaving in the small stuff and the conversations with your dad/brother. That made it much more personal! Keep up the good work and congrats on a terrific buck!

For me, I could care less about the late evening video quality or the deer not being perfectly centered in the picture for the shot. I was rooting for you to drive it home and we can all look at him after that. Again, nice work.
good job. nice video. that 1st buck, you had him @ meeeeh:)