Chattahoochee - Buford Dam - 5/28


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Had a really nice day of it on the river this past Saturday. Started very slowly but finished well. Caught two on a nymph under an indicator. After a lull, changed to a #12 Black Beadhead Wooly Bugger and picked up twenty-four in the next 90 minutes. Then I got the fly hung up and broke it off. Oh well, it was pretty mangled up anyway. Twenty-six trout, many hands free releases, and a bunch of missed strikes and didn't have to move from the one spot.


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Sounds like a good day to me. :cheers:

Alan in GA

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Did you fish that little eddy under the stocking truck? Lol.
Glad you had a good day. I've got to get out on the water soon.


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All rainbows.

And if I could have found the stocking truck, I'd have fished that eddy...:cool: