cheap shot by kerry and edwards


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Ah what the hey....
Regardless of the term used (which is deemed derogatory by some, vs. the generic term 'homosexual'), there was absolutely NO point in him mentioning it at all. Except of course to avoid answering the question, which he did. The president did NOT bring it up, the vice president did NOT bring it up (and you will note handled the ambush in the VP debate with class and restraint). WHY did he bring it up? It was obvious. He could be seen as understanding to those who support gay rights (marriage) issues (assuming they were not offended by the term) and simultaneously with the same shot hurt the ultra conservative vote. He did it masterfully. It's the old "two birds with one shot".
He's slime. He's a poltician. What do you expect?
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I'd have responded sooner but I've been gone to camp .
Yes I have a gay first cousin , and several friends that are gay , I don't have anything against their life choice , thats what makes America so great , We don't have to live the same to live together , what upsets me is that they ( Bush Cheney ) use the fact that Mary is gay for political fodder , You know ? Cheney is such a good father because he has a gay daughter , how dare Kerry Edwards use her name what demons those Dems must be , when in fact Cheney sits quietly by while Bush trys his darnedest to change our countrys constitution to discriminate against not only Cheneys daughter but all gays including your brother and my cousin , Its just another in the line of many reasons why Bush Cheney are bad for the country !!


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Well if Cheneys daughter is fair game I guess we can also talk about Edward's wife and Kerry's wife or maybe Kerry's daughter sex life. It is uncalled for to talk about somebody or something that has nothing to do with this election.

You said you don't have anything against your cousin's life choice? I take it you are not a Christian because that choice is a definate sin! I do have something against anybody that makes that choice. I will not agree with it, I will not approve of it, I will not accept it. It is wrong. It is sinful and it is not acceptable! I do not hate them but I do not and will not agree, approve of, or accept that lifestyle!

And no I am not without sin nor is anybody else but we don't ask others to accept our sins either as they do for us to accept their lifestyle!

I know Mr Cheney loves his daughter but I do not believe he agrees with, accepts, or approves of her lifestyle. He should not say this publically and he should not be put in the position to say it but I'll bet he does not like it.

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This was not intended to be a personal attack on anybody. It is merely to show how somebody's personal life shoudl not be talked about or open for public scrutiny! Sorry if anybody is offended!
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It backfired on him,.........

Oh come on guys... Kerry could have answered that question in the same manner only not refer to Mary Cheney at all.

IOW, he could have said – “"We're all God's children," Kerry said. "And I think if you were to talk to anyone who is homosexual , they would tell you that they are being who they are.. They are being who they were born as. I think if you talk to anybody, it's not a choice."

He did not have to mention names…

If he wanted to name names he could have said the same thing about Cher’s daughter, but that wouldn’t be nice as she is a Democrat supporter.

No, he used it as political hay and it backfired on him.. Good…


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Kerry is a slime ball and that is why he brought it up.


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hpurvis said:
Kerry is a slime ball and that is why he brought it up.
Now Hilti, that's not a good christian thing to say!;)
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TOW--you mentioned kerry said, "we're all God's children . . .". Yeah, unless you're an unborn fetus. Then, he doesn't have a problem w/ that life being snuffed out by those who choose to do so.

I'm pretty sure the Lord would consider life's origins at conception, not just once the baby is born.