Cheekrest for a Tikka T3

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I wasn't getting a good cheekrest on the standard Tikka T3 stock so I went looking for a solution. I didn't want to buy an aftermarket stock just help with getting a good solid cheek weld so I found an outfit in the UK that made a molded kydex loop looking thing the utilized double sided tape. It was very functional and did just what I wanted it to do but it was ugly. I saw this product from Titan recently and gave it a try. Downside is you will have to drill two holes in the stock but being as it's a Tikka stock I didn't have a problem with it. This cheekrest from Titan works just fine and and comes with two inserts and looks a heck of a lot better and it's only about $20. If your like me and need a better "cheekweld" to the stock I recommend this cheekrest from Titan.