Cherokee County Marine Property Taxes.

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Notice to all Marine Property Owners of Cherokee County. Check your Marine Property Tax Returns thoroughly as two of mine are near completely bogus with the exception of Manufacturer or Name. Wrong length, wrong motors, and more. If I am the only one, then this was an intentional attempt to defraud. God bless and be with you all.

Dustin Pate

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It is not intentional. That information comes from the DNR database that is sent to the counties. As someone who deals with these files daily, I can tell you that the information is sometimes wrong, or does not have makes/models at all sometimes. Based on your other posts, you clearly have a bone to pick with the Assessors office. I can assure you they are doing the best with the information that they are given. Also, they are bound by law on what they do and do not choose to defraud anyone.
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Not so, they admitted they forged the tax returns last year and would not correct it. They have the old tax returns and the new show only the Manufacturer to be correct this year.


GON Meatierolajist
File a return and they will know. It will keep this from happening again.