Chicken coop and run

Name the Chicken coop!

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With all the issue of the virus going on, one thing became clear to me. I am to reliant on the grocery store. I don't eat fat food, or go to restaurants, but I do buy from the local grocer. I decided to get a few chickens for eggs, and include some garden space. Be a little more self reliant.

Back in 1994 I built a log playhouse for my daughter from 32 landscape timbers. It saw many tea parties and Barbie conventions. My daughter, myself, and my ol' Golden Retriever spent many hours hunkered down in that little house. A few years later, my son took over, and it was G I Joe headquarters, a fine imaginary hunting shack. It was still in the yard looking abit sad, so I decided to re-purpose it into a chicken coop.

Always fun when projects start with the chainsaw alterations! coop 1.jpg coop 2.jpg coop 3.jpg
Amazing! I love it :) You are going to have some spoiled chickens. It will be interesting to see if they use that rope swing. I'm not going to let my chickens see your coop because they might be jealous and go on strike.