Chicken house

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The internet was not around the last time I had chickens and my memory has dumped a lot of info. I put up a pen in the woods behind the house back then and built a small house with scraps and siding I had. Seemed to work just fine and I also raised a few in that pen that I put in the freezer.

I would like something a little nicer at the place we just moved to and I will add one of the automatic doors I have seen mentioned here. Do any of you have plans or pics of something simple and functional, both inside and out? Searching chicken coop brings up a lot of ads and hippies and stuff that I am not interested in. I just want to refresh my memory on the minimum space I need for boxes and good design for roosting for about a half dozen. I may add more covered space and wire, in case I do want to raise a few for the freezer here and there.
Have you looked up/thought of a 'chicken tractor'? @gacowboy might have one, or @leroy he knows a little about chickens
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I have heard of them, but if it is what I think they move them around. I want the house in one place and use the automatic door to let them out every morning.

We will probably have 3-6 around for eggs. I also would like enough room to mix in a few cornish rock crosses here and there for the freezer, so I need to plan for population spike that would only last a few weeks at a time.
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There is an old building I had initially planned to use, and may still go that route and wire off a portion inside on the right end. There is an opening (you can see it just inside the gate) that I think the old folks had used for a dog to go in and out and a small penned area. The pen has grown up with a holly about 30 ft tall. Many years since it was used. I could use it for other things, but with lumber prices high, it might be the best option.

I may have to add some plywood to the floor inside. I have not gone in and walked around, since a buzzard has decided it was good enough to use to nest and hatch a few. Trying to wait until they leave the nest before I start poking around too much.

You only need 2 nest boxes at the most, no need taking up room with boxes. Make the boxes so they can't roost above them. I would put a roof over the entire structure 5x10 is plenty big if you are going to let them out during the day. Make it tall enough so you can clean it out easily. Roost needs about 10-12 inches per bird roughly. I'd just close in the sides where the roost is. Doesn't get cold enough here to need heat lamps and all that mess. Tractor supply has all their chicks and ducks 1/2 price right now
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B.. whatever you use, predator proof it. It only takes one night to get your flock wiped out.
I had a big run before with no where you could get your hand through the wire on the top, bottom or side. Lost a couple and one day had a very big hawk inside. Never figured out how he got it, but he couldn't get out.
We had 3 pet ducks for 2 years.

The whole ordeal was interesting.

Birds are smart.

Not shown is the white Pekin duck.

My daughter named that duck "Chuck Norris" I changed it to "Chuck Norris Super Duck".

We had a hutch that we kept them in on the hindsight it wasn't a great idea but worked.

The king Shepard was their guardian and watched over them really well when they were loose in backyard.

Craziest thing that was. Dogs and ducks as best friends!!
Go figure.