Christmas gift ideas for RV owners ???????

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Howdy, everyone.

I'm looking for some late ideas for Christmas gifts for my parents.

A couple months ago they bought the travel trailer of their dreams and have been taking some really fun trips to the mountains and to the coast.

Dad bought a pile of gear for the thing but I'm guessing he doesn't have everything he needs.

One idea came from a post that @Paymaster made in that there are Thermacell products that I know they don't have but would really appreciate when the time comes. Gonna certainly be getting some of those.

I'd appreciate gift ideas from folks that have experience camping and enjoying their time on the road.


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We like garden flags. Things to decorate the campsites.


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Acurite weather station, with wireless remote sensor. (hang the sensor in a shady spot outside, don't forget to take it with you when you pack up!). Get as fancy or as basic as you like. This one has programmable weather alarms: temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, rainfall, heat index, dew point, and wind chill.
Acurite 5-1 weather station

You'd want to mount the wind speed sensor on a mast spot, so it can be removed for travel, although now, I've seen where folks have them permanently mounted. I read where similar models are a favorite for RV/weather hound use.

Mounting discussion
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Outstanding ideas, everyone.

Thank you.

They are both weather hounds and utilize their various iPads, iPhone apps and the like for such.....that Acurite would be great if they were off the grid and unable to get cell signals and such.

The portable fire ring and Fireclaw appear to be very easily packable and effective. Great ideas.

Also looking into lightweight, but very comfortable portable chairs & love seats.


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We got my mom & dad the tables that fold out from Walmart. That way when a lot of folks eating there just fold out the little tables. They like end table size.
4 come in a pack with a carry holding rack.
One of the heated water hoses. That way I they are camping in cold weather the hose won't freeze.

I got to get us one........


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  • Extension Cord (30amp or 50 amp depending on camper)
  • Sewer hose extender
  • 4' and 10' drinking water hoses that can be used as extensions

Ultimately I have pulled into a campground and needed these at one time or another based on my hookup location vs. campground location.


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Small battery operated LED lantern.
LED flashlights.
Tiki torches.
Nice outdoor rug.
Outdoor kitchen set.
Bug Zapper. (Hang mine up away from the camper and it really helps. Entertaining too!)
16in Weber grill.
Programmable weather radio.
Telescopic brush with some good soap to keep that beauty clean.
Portable tank caddy.

Need I go on? LOL
These are some of the things we use very often that aren't always though about when purchasing.