Classified Issue: Sellers Beware


So I have an ad posted for a fly reel. I get a response and agree to a sale. Buyer wants to mail a cashiers check and doesn't do Paypal. However, the buyer is reluctant to give a name or address for shipment. I get no response for a few days and finally get a text saying payment delivery is confirmed by USPS. I figured I'll get the return address from the envelope. I receive the check today and it's in the amount of $2750....far more than the $325 agreed selling price. I call the number I have...voicemail. The cashiers check is from Bank of Texas and the return address on the envelope is Dale, Indiana. Did some research online and it's a scam to try and get merchandise and returned excess funds from counterfeit cashiers checks. I have sold countless items on other forums and eBay and have never had this happen before. Just want to make everyone aware that there is a scammer cruising this site hoping to score. I wish there was a classified section on each forum (hunting, fishing, etc.) because it may keep scammers from trying this because they'll have to create forum accounts to get in versus having easy access to the classified.


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Just had exact same thing happen - Bank of Texas $2750 bank check arrived today.

Priority Mail with return address some woman in Indiana.

'Buyer' had texted and emailed day before saying tracking info indicated check would arrive today.

NOTE: original automated GON classifieds email reply notice had GON username wilson23 listed, I checked GON member list and they were not listed.

Needless to say I expect a call saying so sorry I overpaid can you wire difference to me.

SCAM SCAM SCAM be aware.