Clearing Lanes and Camp

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Anybody have experience with a business advertised here called All Clear Land Services? Looking to clear/expand camp for a couple new members and also go between the planted pine rows for trails and hunting spots. They use a disc mulcher.

Any input would be appreciated!
Allen Griffin has worked on several tracts for me and has done some work at my house as well. Highly recommend and is a super nice guy. The man is super efficient and is very detailed with his work. I try to support fellow hunters whenever I can.

4L Brush
Cutting and Land Clearing

Allen Griffin
(678) 776-0215

This is the areas he works in. Morgan, Jasper, Newton, Rockdale, Greene, Hancock, Walton Counties and maybe further depending on the amount of work. CB2BE072-29D9-4D5B-A3AA-202FC989ED89.jpeg
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