Close encounter at Clybel this afternoon

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Bucky T

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I've been pretty close to some whitetails in my day, but this encounter beats all.

I just got back from Clybel WMA. I was doing a little bass fishing this evening down at Whitetail Lake.

Well, it was just about dark, and their is a beautiful field right behind the lake. Being the deer junkee I am, I snuck up to the edge of the field to see if any deer were out there.

There was. Two does were out about 175-200yds browsing around. I can make a pretty good fawn bleat with my mouth, so I decided to see if I could call one of them in a little closer. It's the perfect time of the year to do this kind of stuff naturally.

I let out about 5 loud bawls. The closer of the two deer looked my way and acted interesed, so I let out a couple of more bawls.

I had no sooner quit when I heard some serious crashing just off to my right in the edge of the woods. I was squatting down like a catcher and when I looked over, all I saw was this big orange blob bursting out of the briars no more than 5ft from me. I instinctivley dropped to my knees and covered the top of my head with my arms!!!

I heard hooves hitting the dirt and I kid ya'll not, I felt the breeze blow by as this deer ran inches by me. I thought I was about to get flailed by some hooves!!!

She realized what I was and snorted and lept about 20yds out into the field and hauled ya'll know what!!

The other deer in the field got curious and the lead one walked up to within 20yds of me before she got nervous and took off.

Whoahhhhhhh, is all I have to say. That momma was looking to kick some serious butt!!

One of the coolest experiences I've had with a whitetail deer to say the least. Also one of the most hair raising!!!