Closed Jaw Or Offset!!!

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280 Man

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What's your preference!!! I use offset MB-550 traps. Just like most areas I have 'coons, foxes a few yotes. My main target animal is the coyote for the recruitment of the fawns in my area and while I haven't had any pullouts with coyotes I have had a few with 'coons and the such that have the skinnier front legs. I'm thinking about maybe going to all closed jaw...

Mark K

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I don’t have the years of experience most on here do, but I have had only 2 pullouts with the 550 offsets.
What’s strange this year compared to last year is the lack of toe catches. Last year it seems greater than 50% were toe catches, this year everything is full pad or even high up the leg on the smaller critters. Even released 2 buzzards, an owl, and a rabbit I don’t know.
I chose 550’s based on “incidental” catches and the hope to release unharmed. So far, so good.