Closed my season this morning, and went out with a BANG!

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What a blessed season!!
After killing my first double this season, I wanted a challenge. I decided to get out a family heirloom, my Grandfathers Harrington and Richardson single shot .410. I knew I was limiting myself using the smallest shotgun made, but I wanted the challenge. I've killed enough with a 12 gauge. It patterned great at 20 yds, which is what I made myself set the limit on. On paper, I had 12 pellets in the kill area, using Remington Xpress 7.5 shot, 3" high brass shells. If I couldnt call in a gobbler within 20 yds, he would just live to see another day. I dont hunt out of a blind, and only use decoys on afternoon hunts in fields.

I herd 3 gobblers this morning. I didn't want to bump him so I set up a few hundred yards from where I thought they were roosting. After flydown, I made one series of very soft calls. He answered. I shut up. 10 mins go by, he gobbles again and he has cut half the distance to me. I kept silent. 5 mins go by and I see him in full strut, walking from my 12 to my 9 o'clock. I turn my head, and project my calling behind me, trying to make the gobbler think the hen has walked away from him. He gobbles again, closing the distance and working his way to my 9. I got the shotgun to my shoulder as he is working his way closer and closer to me, strutting through the woods the whole time.

I inherited this single shot .410 from my Grandfather when I was 13 or 14. He passed away when I was 18, he was 93. Im now 35 yrs old. This hunt will stand out from all the others. Taking a mature gobbler with a .410 at 22 paces away is something not a lot of turkey hunters have accomplished. I know my Grandfather is proud, and was with me on this hunt, along with my Lord and Savior Himself.

The bird was 18 pounds, triple beards, and 1-1/8 curved spurs, one of my best birds to date. To Glory be to God and all of His creation!
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Congrats on your fine season. Nothing like bringing the past memories back. I've had my old .410 for 42 yrs. Son shot his first turkey with it 21 yrs ago. I often think of bringing it back to life.


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Simply awesome! Congratulations! I’m sure that your Grandfather and God both were smiling down on you!
Great bird - great hunt - mighty fine memory! Congrats.


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Outstanding! Pictures and all!