Clover, spring 2024


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It's been a while since I have been down at camp, but I suspect with the heat and dry weather, the GA-9908 medium red clover is preforming the best.

@davidhelmly how's yours looking?
Doug, my red is mixed with durana and crimson but it looks great in every plot but one. My biggest plot (4ac) was getting weedy with broadleaf so I sprayed it heavy with 2,4DB about 2 1/2 weeks ago and it hasn't had a drop of rain on it since, I wasn't happy when I looked at it early this week, weeds, clover and all are curling and looks like it may not make it. There isn't much chance of rain in the 15 day forecast but I am hoping for a popup shower one evening!


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matt, if you get a good stand of white clover and chicory in a few plots you will probably go completely perennial. I’ve been totally perennial for probably 15 years and don’t see a down side, the deer have quality food in the plots 365 days a year unless you get into an extended drought and it’s so much of a time saver from planting every year. Do yourself a favor and plant some cereal grain and brassicas along with some red and an annual clover in with your white clover.

Preach. :rockon: I had to replant half of one of my clover plots last Fall but that's the first time I've hooked up a plow and discs to my tractor in 4 or 5 years. These days it's spray, spread and mow and you're done.


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Check the label on your spray, but I think it might be too hot and too dry to do it now. Clethodim says under 85F.