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Is everyone's clover starting to shine? I'm going to look at mine for the 1st time since January 1st. Might still be to early, but hope it looks great!


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Real happy with ours in the plots we worked up and planted. The ones we just sprayed and over seeded are thick, but short. We have one that we just sprayed and disked and it looked great last time I went and looked at it, but did not check it when I was down last weekend. Check my pics in the 100% clover thread if you have not seen them.

Jim Boyd

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Our white clover is doing great.

We have a lot of volunteer crimson and it is just starting to take off.

I did not realize how much and how widespread the volunteer could be. It is amazing.

Best of luck to all.


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Mines looking great. It seems as though we are having an early spring. It should really start taking off. I just fertilized some this weekend and am trying to fertilize the rest but this weather keeps interfering