Club President and club dues

Jim Boyd

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We pay in January - the lease fees.

We also had a one - time $500 payment due this month, largely to finance some aged equipment.

Additionally, in September, we will pitch in to do the winter plots.

Early this week, I repealed the $500 payment for all members.

There are 8 of us, so this takes $4000 out of the club budget for 2020.

If things spin further out of control, we can assess or eliminate the food plot costs.

That latter move would not impact this years hunting to the extent that it would future years - as the food that would be available in the December to March period would not be there. Fawning and body weights, along with buck recovery would be impacted.

The important thing, to me, is to remember that the sky is not falling and this, too, shall pass.

Hope all are well.

Jim Boyd

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May be tough collecting club dues with all the lay offs
But, yes, it is fair to say that many clubs will be negatively impacted.

Some will default, likely - which may make some ground available.

All hunting money is discretionary but some of the MORE discretionary (like improvements and equipment) will get delayed or postponed.

Again, best of luck to all managers and members.


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Our two leases are only my son and me. I pay one lease in December he pays the other in May. He works for an EMC. His family will be getting a substantial stimulus by May.
We are blessed.
I hope club membership can be held onto by those experiencing hardships. It’s important to most families.


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I may be done with hunting for a while and money has absolutely nothing to do with it.

My kids are getting older 13, 20, & 25, and they were really my hunting partners. Might do some small game stuff with my daughter this fall but that's about it. She's killed plenty of deer over the years and a buck bigger than anything I've ever shot. My boys have also killed some great bucks.

It just doesn't interest/excite me anymore. Could really care less about horns and unfortunately that's ALL that matters to so many these days.

As far as clubs go, they're a joke! In my experience they've turned into nothing but scams over the years.

I'll probably start hunting again once I purchase my own land. I hope to have my own place in a few short years. Look forward to seeing my grandchildren harvest their first deer.


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I don’t see any difference from any other year,club presidents normally have a few that don’t pay until week before deer season.
Fortunately, we are a small group of 5. So I dont think membership will be affected for us. We have kept the size of our group and land manageable to avoid headaches of turnover/economic fluctuations.

Spring/summer plots and development of a couple new plots might be foregone for this season. Our annual clovers will last into June and that’ll have to do until fall planting. If need be we can scale back on the fall plots some too.
Ours are due by July 1st every year, but we're a small club, 5 guys last year, two which hardly hunted, we planned on cutting to 4 guys this year, might be tough for a couple guys, not sure yet, but we'll get it done one way or the other, when I ran our club it wasn't unusual for me to have to pay a couple memberships plus my own, and wait to get it back later,
I’m sending the LandOwner a letter to see if they’ll do a “Corona discount”or deferment..👍 He’s a good fella...he’ll laugh & probably offer to let us work off some of the total price. Only thing is...His motto is: He’s the Brains + The Chief..and WE are the Workers..minimum wage at best 😜 He’s almost 80 & up every morning feeding Cows & riding fences at daybreak! A day with him usually results in Blisters on your hands + feet...NO sleeping pill required😃
I chose this year to pick up a lease by myself, in addition to keeping my club. We've paid 1/2 of our dues on our other club back in Feb. The rest is due in April but we heard from our president that Rayonier said that our lease would be going up, so we're all waiting to see what that # looks like. I'm sure there will be some folks that fall out...
Have not lost anyone in SC but folks are impacted.

Lost wages and lost vacation days.

Did lose my partner for Illinois archery - he was forced to use his vacation days for shutdowns.
Did lose my partner for Illinois archery - he was forced to use his vacation days for shutdowns.
Facing that decision myself this year. I don't think as many leases will be affected this year, but depending on how long this lasts I do think next years will be impacted if this shutdown goes on a whole lot longer and business's start shutting down at an alarming rate. I do think out of state hunts will be affected more this year though as people, like myself, look to using their paid time off to get through the virus and won't have it in the fall to use.