CMHC - Great Land / Bamberg Co (update Oct 2019)

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Jim Boyd

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Have shown the farms several times so far and have excellent potential members.

I am indebted to GON for the networking they provide.
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Jim Boyd

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Hey Folks -

Thanks to those that read and followed along.

I think all spots are filled - have two members that have not confirmed if they are returning for 2020.

2019 is sort of an in-flux year - 2020 we will gain full alignment and start to make even more improvements.

Many thanks.
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Jim Boyd

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Will have at least one 2020 opening - thanks !!
This club is outstanding and the potential for the upcoming years are indescribable. Excellent hunter to acreage ration, incredible number of deer, plot program that is second to none. Deer in my avatar is from this property and all though he is no longer walking the ground, his relatives are. As good as the hunting is, the opportunity to hunt with the likes of Mr. Jim are what makes it special. You will not find a more fair minded, hard working or finer man on this forum. I consider myself luck to hunt CMHC but consider myself truly blessed to call Jim my friend.
Please feel free to PM myself or Jim for more info.