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Any of you guys fishing the Richmond Hill coastal waters in a Kayak. I have a new one with all the bells and whistles but still worried about the wakes from bigger boats. Whats yall's experience....just plan on fishing the creeks I guess...
Been kayaking the Ga coast for years. Most boaters give us some grace, just point the bow into a wake if you have a concern. Good luck, kayaking the Ga coast is amazing


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I did it a great deal before I got my skiff. It is amazing how much more you see from a yak. Find an area to launch near some good fishing spots and enjoy. I did most of my kayaking around tybee. I'm sure there are many good fishing places near the DNR landing (I think it is Demeries Creek. I never had problem finding shrimp in that creek.


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Yak fishing is Da Bomb, Yo!!!

TONS of places around Jekyll and SSI. Just about any creek will do...

I could bore you to death with the success stories.

I was doing it back when a fishing yak was an uncommon thing to see.