Coastal weekend trip

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I have a cousin coming to visit May 18th and it would be great to take him bow fishing for red fish or any other edible fish? but I have no clue if now is a good time or where to go? Georgia or Florida? I live in Atlanta so a 4 or 5 hr drive is okay.

Any reports or advise where I can go? Lot or rain coming so I'm not sure how clear the water will be either.

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I don't know? couldn't find anything on saltwater bowfishing in Georgia. I seen it on Swamp People and It looked fun, but my cousin has canceled the trip till August so I won't be going at all now.
GSU is right. No reds in GA. Sheepshead though if I'm not mistaken.
Florida is a great time bowfishing. They probably have the most diversity in terms of what you can shoot in comparison to any other state.