Cody Meyer catches potential world record spot using panoptix

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What an amazing day. I went fishing with my buddy JR Wright, and ended up catching a 10.80 spotted bass today. It has the potential to be a World Record. I am really thankful that I have sponsors who make the best gear in fishing. A fish like this on light line took every bit of technology I had in the boat. I was using one of my prototype Daiwa Corporation - USA Tatula rods which is a signature series coming out soon, and a Daiwa Exist reel, 6-lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon Tatsu line, a Strike King Lure Company Ocho. I spotted it suspended over 100-feet of water using Garmin Panoptix. Being able to see them out in front of us before we moved over them made it possible. In total, our best 5 went for over 40 pounds.
Here are a few photos. Thanks to Tim Little the current Spotted Bass World Record holder for driving up on his day off and helping me get it weighed on a certified scale and for taking some better photos. #GarminFishandHunt #GiantSpottedBass #BassBlaster #Thankful



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I would guess California. He's making sure to get all those sponsor names in there isn't he? :bounce:
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Cali obviously. Tim little of tacktickle bassin and current world record holder took those last few pics

Of course he's naming the equipment he was using. He's a professional and that's how he makes his living. If I caught a world record id be trying to rep every brand I used to catch it


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Great link,,,, thanks,,,,
Noticed a common theme with some of our local impoundments, they've got a hold, and they're pushing everything else out. What's going to happen if the California DNR decides to stop feeding them salmon and trout?
Where was this fish caught?
Bullards Bar (Yuba County, California)

Until there's genetic confirmation stating otherwise I'm going with Alabama x Largemouth x Florida. Louis Ferrante caught an 11 lb. 3 oz. fish February 21, 2015 that was 31 inches long according to CDFW. Native Alabama Bass from the Mobile River drainage max out around 23 inches. And while black bass have what is called 'indeterminate growth' certain species can only grow to a certain length. Once they get near this length any additional weight comes from an increase in girth. Now this lake (Bullards Bar) has kokanee salmon and trout so an increase in length beyond 23 inches is possible...but 8 inches?

Unfortunately there have been numerous documented cases of nonnative black bass introductions resulting in extensive introgressive hybridization with native black bass species. Black bass are not native to California (or any state west of the Rocky Mountains) so what happens when you move all these fish outside their native range and dump them in a relatively small manmade impoundment? I think most if not all of these fish are hybrids that superficially resemble Alabama Bass.

Beyond the crazy length the markings that comprise the lateral stripe are sometimes outside the range of natural variation. Check out this Alabama x Smallmouth hybrid from Bullards Bar (caught by Brent Ehrler). The anglers and the media called this fish a 'spotted bass'.

Largemouth x Alabama hybrid from Lake Norman confirmed through genetic analysis. After a few generations of backcrossing it would be difficult if not impossible to identify any fish without genetic confirmation.

LINK to the article.

The Georgia state record "spotted bass" appears to be a Largemouth x Alabama hybrid. As you can see the markings that comprise the lateral stripe are well outside the range of natural variation. Alabama Bass are not native to Lake Burton or the Savannah River drainage.

BTW Tennessee is the only state with separate records for Spotted Bass and Alabama Bass. All other states (and the IGFA) still lump both species into the "spotted bass" category.