Coeds in BIKINI'S! Shooting Muzzle Loaders!

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Sorry, not this time :D :D

Shooting my friends rifle that I built for him. Traditions St.Louis Hawken .50cal 1:48 twist. 70gr 3fg Goex, .490 cast ball .020" patch lube with an experimental patch lube, no swabbing. 50 yard 3 shot group. Average velocity of 1,579.

Earlier I was trying to shoot for groups with 60gr 3fg Swiss ( Most accurate ) and just had to laugh at the 3 1/2 - 4" groups WHILE SWABBING BETWEEN SHOTS! It got worse with no swabbing. That 3fg Swiss is a joke.

I still have to file a bit more off the front sight to bring impact up a good 3 1/2" or so, but today I just wanted to experiment with powders and figure out what she likes most. Goex was the winner by a long shot. Same load I use in my st.louis hawken and my dads hawken as well.

She also puts the 395gr lyman plains bullets that I cast, into a nice tight little cluster! Recoil isn't to bad with 70gr 3f either, but it will get your attention.