Coffee County

I used to live off Hwy 158 on the east side of Douglas.
Now I’m up in north Grorgia.


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I live just north of Douglas. Hunt between Broxton and Westgreen. Been slow so far for me. We let some nice bucks walk last year that we haven't seen on camera this season. I guess the neighbors got them. A friend says the rut is on. I haven't seen it. He got a nice 8 last Sat morning.
Been lookin good in coffee this wk several big bucks been killed in West green and Nichols area
I'm from West Green, transplanted in north Georgia now, and one of my cousins has been posting some nice ones moving around this week. A friend killed a nice one two weeks ago there also.

They are still nocturnal up here in the north.


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How’s it looking for u Coffee co guys , grew up hunting there but moved and am still in a lease on the river , looks like we got a good crop of bucks , some other members have been sending me pictures , planning on getting up before archery season is over and hunt a little and plant some plots if it ever rains again


“Well Rounded Outdoorsman MOD “
I hunted 4 days 25-28 with pretty pour weather and seen several young bucks cruising , also had one pretty 3.5 yr old I think, 8pt eating corn 2 different times , may shoot him later in the season if my freezer isn’t full enough , I’m hunting on the far north side of Coffee, should be good the next couple weeks , I want be back til the 6th for a week !