Coleman Propane Distribution Tree

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Well guys, I got to try out my new Coleman tree this past weekend and I sho'nuff likes it. The lanterns seem to be brighter with it and not having to change out all those little bottles was nice also.

Now, I guess I need to get me a propane stove so I don't have to fool with buying Coleman fuel...:bounce:

Eddy M.

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hey H'nut just to let you know that "tree" will hold propane just like a tank -so you need to cut the tank off and let your stove or lantern bleed down the pressure in the tree I didn't realise this until my son put a lantern on our tree this weekend and lit it without attaching it to a tank it burned for about 4 min just from the propane stored in the tree :speechles :speechles :speechles eddy
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Eddy, I figured that one out this past weekend myself. I had the lantern going and turned the tank off and it took a pretty good little while for the lantern to burn out. Which is good because it gave me plenty of time to get into the camper instead of walking around in the dark or having to fool with a flashlight as it was extremely dark this past weekend with the new moon and all. The fact that I was the only one camping Saturday night made it even darker also because there were no other lights on in camp.

Sparky, thanks again for that tip! I went yesterday and picked up one of the converters for my stove, so now I have a combination propane/coleman fuel stove... :clap:


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Neat Trick; Be careful of...

I have done that trick for some time. Let me warn each of you that you MUST remember to turn the light off the next time you turn the tank back on. It is easy to forget because the next time you use the tank may be at lunch and there is pleanty of light. Then all you have is this propane coming out of your lantern. We do not want NO bomb bomb, do we.

Just remember to cut your attachments off before cutting the tank back on.

God's Speed and Safe Hunting
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Scouter, thanks I already had one explosion opening weekend I surely don't need no more... :D

I had lit my propane grill and put a baking potatoe on it and then placed the cover over it. About 30 minutes later or so I noticed it had gone out and w/o thinking I just pulled my lighter out and bent over to fire it back up through the bottom of the grill. When I did it dang near blew the cover off from it and it singed my hair on my head, my eyebrows, my mustache and the hair on my arms and hand. It about scared the tar out of me and my mustach still hasn't completely grown back in, though the barber took care of the head... :bounce: